Just as it did when it tuned in Last.fm for HTML5 scrobbling, Microsoft is flexing its IE9 HTML5 muscles again - this time by bringing Cut The Rope to the browser, as shown by CEO Steve Ballmer during his keynote presentation.

That's right Om Nom lovers, your favourite little green, er, thing is back with 25 levels of online fun - including 7 brand spanking new ones never seen on any other platform before.

This isn't an attempt by Microsoft to launch a Google+ or Facebook rivalling online gaming platform though, merely another attempt to demo the HTML5 skills of its latest Internet Explorer browser. Cut the Rope, Gabby Hegerty, Internet Explorer's lead in the UK, told Pocket-lint is "as close to the original as possible" but "fast" as a result of tweaks such as GPU hardware acceleration.

The game is a result of a partnership between IE9 engineers and developers from both ZeptoLab and  Pixel Lab. And whilst the game will work on any modern browser packing HTML5 power, you'll only get the complete experience on IE9.

And that's because, as well as the 18 familiar levels, the 7 new ones are only activated once you pin an IE9 version of the game to your Windows 7 taskbar. As well as the 7 new levels you'll also be treated to some cute Cut The Rope cursors and buttons as well if you do this.

Also, if you're killing time playing at work and don't want the bossman to catch you, you can switch off the music and even play a SD version of the game if your work-based PC is struggling with the HD one.

It's free to play and is available now at www.cuttherope.ie. There's also a wealth of info available regarding the technical side of the browser conversion for any budding developers out there.