Microsoft has announced some pretty impressive stats for its Xbox 360 console and Kinect motion control device, as a week of Black Friday sales proves a huge draw.

Over 960,000 Xbox 360 consoles were sold in the US during Black Friday week with the Kinect coming close behind with over 750,000 in its standalone and bundled form.

Pretty impressive for any sales week, but when you think that the Xbox 360 is now entering its seventh year we're sure the bods at Microsoft will be over the moon.

This Black Friday boost comes in at the end of a year that has seen Xbox 360 and Kinect selling very well, and if the dashboard update proves a success there's no reason the trend won't continue. The new dashboard will bring Microsoft's Metro UI to the Xbox, featuring tiles for videos, games, and apps - somehting which will be familiar to users of WP7.

Exciting times then for Microsoft as PC users will soon be able to use an optimised version of the tech, and there's perhaps even a Kinect TV in the works.