Microsoft's new Kinect could feature motion sensing technology that is so accurate it would be able to read lips. Better still, it is set to be bundled with the next generation Xbox console, commonly referred to as the Xbox 720.

Sources have told Eurogamer that the new motion sensor is going to feature improved speech and tracking technology. Developers told the website it could be so accurate that it could even work out when players are angry, as well as gauge other emotions. The hardware should also be capable of determining the direction players are facing. 

Using speech recognition that tracks the pitch and volume of player's voices, Kinect 2 should be able to determine exactly how different players are feeling. Current generation Kinect devices are hampered by the need to use USB interfaces with the Xbox 360. Not enough information can be carried to the console in order to make it more accurate. Higher resolution feeds from Kinect 2 will grant the console more information, making for a better play experience. 

Rumours are also pointing to plans from Microsoft to launch two different versions of the next console. First will be a stripped down bare bones piece of hardware, like a set top box, which will behave as a portal for Kinect. The second, according to, would be an optical drive and hard drive packing fully-featured console, aimed at the hardcore gamer. 

Some believe the new Xbox console will make its appearance at CES in January next year, hitting shop shelves by the close of 2012. 

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