Microsoft has named the date that the Xbox 360 and its Metro UI will tie the knot and live happily ever after in holy matrimony. That's right gamers, the Xbox 360 dashboard landing date has been revealed and there's not too long to wait; it will be hitting your console on 6 December.

The long awaited update was first announced back in June at this year’s E3 gaming conference in LA. The new interface will be broken down into videos, games, music, and apps tiles - much like your Windows Phone - as well as offering Bing voice search.

Microsoft is hoping that with the Kinect sensor you’ll be able to talk to your console rather than navigate through menus. Asking for "X-Men", for example, will give you results not just from the web, but content within the Xbox Live store like movies, TV shows and games.

Sharing your scores and achievements with your buddies will also be easier, with the addition of Beacons into the social sections (which beefs up the Facebook integration too) and there will be live TV and YouTube fun as well. Plus you'll be able to save your game progress in the cloud.

Recently, Microsoft announced that Xbox Live was set to get a major televisual revamp before Christmas with all the major programming players in the UK due to launch Xbox-based entertainment services, including the 4oD, the BBC, Lovefilm, Blinkbox and even Channel 5.

It's a good time to be an Xboxer it seems...

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