Microsoft developers and staff have revealed they are working on a new Xbox console via posts on their LinkedIn pages. 

Interactive creative director and designer Jeff Faulkner is listed as the Xbox next gen creative director. Similarly Jonathan Harris is currently employed as senior creative director for Xbox and is working on the next generation of entertainment. 

The real give away however is Patrick Corrigan and Joe Langevin, the former working on branding elements for the next-gen Xbox. Joe Langevin, a hardware intern at Microsoft, also is listed as helping build for next-gen devices. 

All these postings point to a new console in construction from Microsoft, which given the current Xbox 360's lifespan seems more than likely. Don't think that is the end of things for the Xbox 360 however, rumours are pointing to 25 November for a new UI to arrive on the console.

Expect to be seeing more of the new Xbox at next year's E3, where we might even be treated to footage of a Timesplitters 4 reportedly in development with Crytek.

Last we saw of the Xbox 720 was in the new Hugh Jackman Real Steel movie, which featured branding for the console subtly thrown into the film's trailer.

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