The new Xbox 360 dashboard refresh will come on the 10th Anniversary of the Xbox, according to sources in the US.

Gaming website Kotaku is reporting that a leaked email to PayPal employees, who have been asked to test the company’s payment system in the new update, believe the launch date to be the 15 November.

"It may not be a big deal to most of you who already pay for these things with debit or credit cards. But the email sounded pretty certain that the new Xbox Live, which has seen November updates in 2010 and 2008, will arrive Nov. 15," states Kotaku.

Microsoft, who already announced that the new update would not only be coming, but would add PayPal support, is hoping that more people will be able to use the online payment service to pay for their goods, bypassing the need to have a debit or credit card.

Microsoft announced that it would be introducing a new dashboard at this year’s E3 gaming conference in LA.

The new interface will be broken down into videos, games, music, and apps as well as offer Bing voice search via your Xbox 360; and company is hoping that with the Kinect sensor you’ll be able to talk to your console rather than navigate through menus.

Asking for "X-Men", for example, will give you results not just from the web, but content within the Xbox Live store like movies, TV shows and games.

As rumoured, Xbox will also be getting Live TV allowing users to watch Sky TV, for example, and it'll all be controlled via your voice. They will also be the option to access YouTube videos - a first for the console. 

This is our vision for the future of television, said Microsoft at the time.