Famed Halo developer Bungie has joined the iPad app brigade with its game Crimson: Steam Pirates. The application sees you guiding ships through turn-based gameplay and attacking both water, land and aerial enemies.

It has a slight tower defence feel, but is of course far more in depth and complex, featuring a heavy strategy and action element. The application is also story driven, seeing you guide main character Thomas Blood through his Caribbean antics. 

There are eight "voyages" in total to enjoy, a special set of two pass and play multiplayer games and a varied enemy and friendly unit count including things like airships and submarines. Crew members themselves, of which there are 20, also feature unique gameplay enhancing abilities. 

The game was conceived by Harebrained Schemes' Jordan Weisman, famous for Crimson Skies (which the app definitely draws on) and MechWarrior. 

Bungie Aerospace is also behind the app, indicating yet another big time developer to enter the tablet-based gaming sphere. 

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