The Witcher 2 was, until now, bound for a 2011 Xbox 360 release, however news has come in that it's been pushed back until Q1 2012.

CD Projekt cite needing to add more polish to the console version of the game, which is one of the best looking pieces of software on PC to date.

There is also an ongoing legal furore between publisher Namco Bandai and CDP over the release of the console version of the title. The company claims that the publishing agreement was broken on two separate occasions by CPD, firstly by removing DRM with a post release patch and second by giving THQ the rights to the Xbox version.

CD Projekt hasn't confirmed a connection between the delays and the legal proceedings.

“The extra time will allow us to polish the title to perfection, so that the game offers an ideally balanced, fantastic experience to gamers." said CD Projeckt boss Adam Kicinski 

"As the launch of the game approaches, we will be sharing more details how it will be released on Xbox 360. I trust that despite the release date shift, players will be satisfied with what we are planning for them,” he added.

Looks like we might have to hang on then for a decent Xbox 360 RPG...Oh well, back to Mass Effect 2.