Looking for some cute gaming fun? Then prepare to have your "awww" sensors hit 11 as Microsoft has announced the follow-up to the kid-friendly Kinect launch title Kinectimals - Kinectimals Now With Bears.

Adding five bear cubs to the five cat options already available, the goal will be the same - to train your animal and complete the various adventures that the game throws at you. But it will be set in a new environment on a mysterious island off the coast of Lemuria and with a new guide called Bumblina.

Your choice of bear is Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Cinnamon Bear, Glacier Bear or Polar Bear - no Gummy Bear or Care Bear unfortunately. There will also be new plush toys (with mtag codes) for the new additions as well and you can unlock other animals along the way (we spy a panda in the screenshots).

bear fun with kinectimals now with bears image 2

Kinectimals Now with Bears will hit the shops this autumn priced at £39.99 although if you already own the Kinectimals original game, Bear Island will be available as DLC through Xbox LIVE.

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