Kinect owners have finally received the avatar control they've been waiting for with the launch of Avatar Kinect on Xbox Live, bringing with it expression recognition for your Xbox character.

Speaking, smiling or nodding will now be replicated by your avatar, with Kinect Fun Labs featuring a 24-stage setup in which you and seven friends' avatars can compete and communicate. Things like the Performance Stage and Talk Show Stage are all part of the package.

The Kinect itself will record your performances so you can upload them straight to, from there you can send them to things like Facebook and YouTube.

Xbox Live Gold members will find the service free to download, those with simply Live membership will get hold of Avatar Kinect free of charge until 8 September.

Kinect Sparkler is also set to launch on 28 July, converting body movements into light trails and making use of new Kinect technology for background removal and advanced finger tracking. Creations will also be uploaded to The application can be picked up from Thursday for 240 Microsoft points.