Gunstringer, a motion control game for the Xbox 360 is set to ship in tandem with Fruit Ninja Kinect on 16 September.

The software bundle will see the highly addictive app finally bringing its fruit slashing action to the Xbox 360. Gunstringer on the other hand is a platforming and shooter combo adventure that sees a gun-toting marionette take on characters with names like the wavy tube man (available as free DLC at launch). 

Included in the Kinect bundle is a code to download the full version of Fruit Ninja. The game is essentially the same as the app, but with finger-blades replaced by arms. Kinect control means you can hack and slash thin air and watch fruit split in half on screen.

For those who want to get hold of Fruit Ninja before Gunstringer's release, you can pick it up on Xbox Live on 10 August. Gunstringer preorders will also get tokens for an avatar prop from the game. 

We expect Fruit Ninja Kinect could result in the odd accidental slashing related technology incident. Swiping fingers manically from the safety of your smartphone is harmless but waving both your arms about your living room could do serious damage to your best china.