Still recovering from his 20th birthday celebrations this morning and already Sonic has turned up on the PSN and Xbox Live.

The Sonic Generations demo is out on both of the consoles and should be available to download as we speak. The download will let you relive the classic Green Hill Zone from Sonic on the Mega Drive but in full 3D. The game allows you to play levels as either classic Sonic in side scrolling mode or under the guise of the modern follow-cam approach. The demo makes use of the retro option. 

Today marks the original release day of Sonic the Hedgehog 20 years ago on the Sega Mega Drive. To celebrate the company has released the mother of all retro gaming downloads on the PSN. £13.99 will get you a theme, Sonic 1 and 2, Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Sonic Adventure. 

The Japanese Sonic website has become a tour de force of gaming memorabilia today and includes some awesome sound effects and wallpapers for download. You may have to negotiate the language barrier a bit, but click away enough and you will get things figured out.

You have until the 12th of July to grab the Generations demo so get downloading. Fingers crossed for Sega that they get the formula right this time!

Grabbing a download? Or is Mario your thing?