Microsoft has launched Kinect Fun Labs – a new permanent addition to the Xbox 360 as the company hopes to open up the Kinect sensor to anyone who wants to have a “play”.

Those new features include the ability to scan yourself in Kinect Me, finger scanning in an app called Sparkler, and a the ability to scan objects before being able to interact with them on screen.

In a series of quick demos on the stage at the company’s press conference at E3 in Los Angeles. Microsoft showed how you’ll be able to make your own Kinect avatars simply by standing in front of the Kinect device and letting the sensor take your picture.

Sparkler on the other hand will track your fingers allowing, says Microsoft, the ability to use your fingers to pull a trigger. The demo however involved Microsoft showing how to wave your finger around painting on your TV.

Kinect Googly Eyes will allow you to scan in any object in your house be it your teddy bear or your car.

The new Kinect Fun Labs are available from today to all Xbox Live users. You will of course need a Kinect sensor to enjoy it.