Don't Hulu and Microsoft know that there's a big event happening today? Obviously not, as it has chosen 29 April to go live with its Xbox 360 platform, confirming rumours earlier this week that the launch was coming.

"We're proud to deliver the best in entertainment content like no other device in the living room," said Pete Thompson, general manager, Xbox LIVE. "Hulu Plus is an important addition to support our continued effort to expand entertainment on Xbox LIVE. And by adding the magic of Kinect, we're truly transforming the way people enjoy their favourite entertainment."

Hulu Plus on the Xbox 360, also offers voice and gesture based control via Kinect so you can play, pause, fast forward and rewind any video content you are watching.

Hulu Plus launched for iOS devices back in June 2010. It is also available on the PS3, Bravia setups, Samsung home cinema equipment and Vizio devices, well as on Roku and Vizio machines.

We're still waiting for Hulu Plus to make an appearance on Android, despite it being shown off by Samsung on a Galaxy S at CES in January.

Hulu Plus is $7.99 a month, and offers 720p viewing and full seasons of popular shows. For Xboxers, the service will free for the first week. All Xbox LIVE members (Free or Gold) will be able to tune in, but sorry UK readers - it's just US based.