If you don't fancy watching the so-called "TV event of all time" on Friday 29 April, then you could be in luck as reports suggest that Hulu Plus could be landing on the Xbox 360 (in the States).

Hulu Plus launched back in June 2010 for fanboys with iOS devices, and is also now available on the PS3, Bravia TVs and Blu-ray players, Samsung devices, Vizio devices, well as on Roku and Vizio machines.

Xbox 360 has been listed as "Coming Soon" on the Hulu Plus website for a while now, but it looks as if the wait could finally be coming to an end - although no actual dates have yet been confirmed by Microsoft or Hulu.

We're still waiting for Hulu Plus to land on Android as well, despite a Samsung CES demo with the platform running on a Galaxy S handset.

Hulu Plus is $7.99 a month, and offers 720p viewing and full seasons of popular shows.

There were plans to bring the service to the UK, but these have since been shelved as a result of disputes with broadcasters regarding advertising revenue.