Currently, the only TV streaming on the Xbox 360 (here in the UK, at least) comes courtesy of the Sky Player app.

But all that could be set to change soon, with Microsoft reportedly prepping a fully blown IPTV service of its own, codenamed Orapa, that could even begin with a test preview build hitting as early as this month.

Orapa is said to be the next step for Microsoft's Mediaroom platform, and will add Xbox LIVE features to an all-singing, all-dancing streaming TV service.

The idea is to get your Xbox LIVE avatar involved in the setup, throw in a bit of Kinect-based motion control action and also introduce social aspects such as recommendations and instant messaging.

It will also tie in with another Redmond project, Ventura, which purportedly has the objective of ramping up the current Zune music and video offerings by adding extra discovery and opinion features.

The report suggests that Orapa could come to life by Christmas 2011.