News has emerged that Microsoft is to hold a press conference in the next few days where it will announce new Xbox 360 info.

The conference will be held ahead of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, which Microsoft will be attending, and although details of what the announcement will actually be are scarce it's probably a safe bet that Kinect will be involved somewhere along the line.

The announcement might well be focused on the Kinect games, specifically a Gears of War title, or perhaps there will be more news on the development of its SDK for Windows, which should eventually lead to Kinect hook-up to a PC.

Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb stated in a podcast that: "Next week I’m going to be down in San Francisco. We are having an invite-only press event that we’re going to have some cool news that I’m not quite fully briefed on, but we have a lot of news that we’re going to be announcing. Just telling you guys, you’re going to be really happy when you hear all the news, that’s all I can say."

Due to high demand over Christmas it's reported that Kinect shortages should be expected over the next few weeks, so this news may well act as a sweetener for any potential and existing game-starved Kinect fans.