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(Pocket-lint) - DoubleTwist has released a significant upgrade to its sync application that will allow Android users to play content from their mobile phone on their TV via the Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation 3.

DoubleTwist now has 1 million active users, Monique Farantzos, co-founder/president of DoubleTwist, detailed to us. The plan now is to “keep on enriching their ecosystem”.

“The last thing we added … was the ability to beam directly content from your Android phone to your TV through an Xbox or PS3. It was kind of the last piece of the puzzle for us,” said Farantzos.

The new feature builds on the recent update to DoubleTwist that added wireless syncing using the Android app, a service called AirSync. The new service will be known as AirTwist, and comes as part of the paid-for version of the DoubleTwist app, so existing customers will get the feature for free.

Looking to take care of your media needs on your Android device, DoubleTwist offers media playback already. The recent updates make it a much more dynamic offering, meaning wireless syncing OTA with your PC or Mac and now wireless sharing with your games consoles over your home network.

It was clear to us that things aren’t stopping there however. Jon Lech Johansen, co-founder of DoubleTwist and famed programmer, confirmed that in coming updates you’d be able to collect and control files stored on a DLNA NAS drive or UPnP server and play through to a TV. 

There will also be more control in the future when it comes to syncing video. Currently the software will downscale video to suit your device, but with devices becoming increasingly sophisticated and now offering 1080p playback, there will be more options in the future for advanced users.

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Wireless media sharing technology is growing in popularity, with companies like Samsung, LG and HTC offering various similar functions, however they often require that you use a separate app. By bundling all your media functions in the same app, from playback, syncing to sharing, DoubleTwist has an interesting proposition. 

Looking forward, Farantzos confirmed that future developments would cater to the tablet market, offering support for higher resolution screens.

DoubleTwist Player is available as a free app for wired syncing; DoubleTwist AirSync is £3.11 and offers the wireless syncing and new PS3 and Xbox beaming.

Writing by Chris Hall.