Following up on last year's success, Microsoft has announced the second annual Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party - with the action set to start on 16 February.

If you missed the shindig in 2010, or have just forgotten all about it (we know some of you Xboxers may have other pastimes that affect your memory) allow us to fill you in.....

The Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party isn't really a party at all. There's no cheese and pineapple chunks on sticks, no Wham mega-mix and no pervy uncle chatting up all your female friends (the three key ingredients for any party).

It is simply a banner from which Microsoft wants to flog you a new downloadable title every week in the Arcade market. But that's not peeing on the party - there are some cracking new little titles coming the way of Xbox LIVE every Wednesday for 5 weeks starting 16 February.

The full list is:

- 16 February: Hard Corps Uprising, 1200 Microsoft Points.

- 23 February: Bejeweled Blitz Live, 800 Microsoft Points.

- 2 March: Beyond Good & Evil HD, 800 Microsoft Points.

- 9 March: Torchlight, 1200 Microsoft Points.

- 16 March: Full House Poker, 800 Microsoft Points.

So get your Avatar dressed for the party and log on, on the 16th. More details are available on Xbox LIVE.