The Kinect has been hacked yet again, this time by coders keen to get it running on their Boxee software.

The motion controlled accessory for the Xbox 360 has been turned into a controller for the media software, allowing its user to scroll through the Boxee software with the wave of a hand.

"Many developers are doing wonderful things with the Kinect camera", says Griffin Dodd, one of the guys behind the project. "While many of these projects are extremely impressive, they haven't really provided the casual user with something they can enjoy on a daily basis. That's why we developed KinEmote, a practical application that anyone can just install and use. Of course we also wanted to give people something fun to play with for Christmas".

KinEmote is a free download, but will require some computer knowledge to get it working.

The software lets all Windows users navigate the menus of Boxee and XBMC media portals using nothing but hand gestures that are captured by Microsoft's Kinect or any other OpenNI compliant camera.

Do you think this is the way we will be controlling our TVs in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments below.