It's is possible that Microsoft may be planning to issue a firmware update to its Kinect device, which would produce a far more accurate gaming experience than currently available.

This is due to the Microsoft Kinect being capable of displaying far higher resolution images than most of us realised - meaning the device has the potential to run at 640 x 480 as opposed to 320 x 240.

This development would mean that improvements would need to be made to the Xbox 360 that would allow more data to be passed through the console, therefore taking advantage of the Kinect's cameras higher resolution.

This improvement, which could be done through a firmware update, would mean the Microsoft Kinect would be able to detect finger movement and hand rotation.

The news, which comes from Eurogamer, states that the issue of low-res at the moment comes from the USB controller interface, which is capable of around 35MBps, but it only uses around 15-16MBps. This capped limit being in place due to the Xbox's ability to use multiple USB devices.

If Microsoft does mange to work around the current issue it'd mean the Kinect's depth camera spec could be doubled through a dash-board update.