People who quaffed (yeah we said quaffed, big whoop, wanna fight about it?) at Microsoft's lofty Kinect sales target of 5 million, better sit up and take note because the Redmond based tech-giant has announced that it's shifted a million units in the opening 10 days.

That is some phenomenal selling rate. It's not quite iPhone-esque (the iPhone 3GS took 3 days to reach the same figure and the iPhone 4 sold 1.7 million in 3 days) but it's a faster take-up than the iPad which took 28 days.

"It's a strong start", said Don Mattrick, head of Microsoft's game unit. "Consumers are loving it".

Well, most are. Spare a thought for poor-old Phil Villarreal - the self-confessed "first moron to break his TV with Kinect" who smashed his LCD TV after volleyball spiking part of his ceiling fan into the screen.

There are a reported 45 million Xbox 360 owners out there - so Microsoft has so far only tapped into just over 2 per cent of the market. That means that despite the initial sales spike, there are still a lot of Xboxers sitting with their control pads, rather than getting up and getting active.

Maybe a big game release like Gears of War will be enough to tempt them up.

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