New rumours are buzzing around that a Kinect-compatible version of Gears of War is coming, adding weight to a previous indication given to Pocket-lint by the add-on's creative director, Kuda Tsunoda, back at Gamescom in August.

Then, Tsunoda exclusively told us that he would like to see Gears of War arrive on Kinect: "I just think that would be such an awesome game to see some Kinect stuff in", he said. "They're such a talented team down at Epic, I'm sure they'd do something great with it".

Now, it seems that, according to IGN and a "reliable source", he'll get his wish.

It is believed that Microsoft will make an announcement about Gears of War Kinect at the Spike TV Video Game Awards to be held on 11 December in Los Angeles. The company will also reveal a line-up of other big name action titles, including some that will also work with the motion control accessory.

Currently, it's unknown whether the new Gears of War will be a retrofitted edition of a former title or a brand new chapter, and when IGN asked Microsoft directly, the site got the standard "we can't comment on rumor or speculation".

No matter though, with Microsoft clearly putting its weight behind Kinect, and Gears of War being one of its major exclusive franchises (even, most major now that Bungie has left Halo behind for pastures new), we'd be more surprised if it didn't make the leap to the new device.

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