Microsoft's motion sensing gaming system Kinect has hit the shops in the UK, and been met with the usual mass hysteria that big tech launches are accustomed to nowadays.

With many shops opening their doors just after midnight, people were reportedly queuing for 15 hours to make sure that they got their hands on one of 2010's most advanced bit of kit.

And rightly so as we exclusively told you how Microsoft Kinect could sell out in 24 hours.

Neil Thompson, general manager of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division, said: “We are delighted to put Kinect into people’s living rooms and turn science fiction into science-fact. Kinect transforms games and entertainment experiences, offering an intuitive and simple way that everyone will enjoy”.

But is it worthy of all the hype that has gone before it. You better believe it. We awarded it the coveted Pocket-lint Hot Product stamp in our Kinect for Xbox 360 review.

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If you manage to have a play on Kinect over the next few days, be sure to drop us a line below, letting us know what you think of the system. Is it the gaming revolution that it's being talked up as, or is it just a glorified Wii? Give us your thoughts using the comments below.