The Microsoft Kinect will be sold out within 24 hours in many stores, says UK retailer Game. Even though it is having a massive midnight launch across the company's 400 stores (including Gamestation), the second in 2 days after Call of Duty: Black Ops, some of those queuing may not get their hands on one because of massive interest.

Talking exclusively to Pocket-lint, Game's head of PR, Neil Ashurst, said, "there will be stores, and not just some of ours, that will sell out in 24 hours up and down the country because of [the shortage of] stock. You will hear reports that it is sold out".

However, other stores, including larger Game branches are likely to take a bit longer to sell out.

His own company has major plans for the launch tonight, including a visit to the Oxford Street store, London, by some special celebrity guests. Unfortunately, due to security reasons we can't say who they are, but the kids'll love'em!

Additionally, the store will feature the first UK live Kinect video call when it links up with an equivalent Game in Leeds. Well, it'll be the first for the public, anyway; Pocket-lint has already used the feature (to great effect) *smug*.

If it does indeed sell out, it will be a major coup for Microsoft, as the PlayStation Move failed to create quite so big a buzz on its launch. And it could be a black eye for analysts who predicted that the PS3 and Move will be the Christmas number one package.

Will you be getting a Kinect? Or is the Move better for you? Let us know in the comments below...

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