Out of all of the mobile gaming titles that Microsoft was showing off at its pre-Gamescom event in Cologne back in August, the one that most caught Pocket-lint's beady eye was Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst.

Not only because it had brilliant real-time collaboration with Bing maps and your geo-location, but because the Xbox team showing it off to us hinted at integration with your Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE.

And now Microsoft has gone official with the details.

On 16 November, DLC for Crackdown 2 will be released via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The game add-on, Deluge Pack, has "first of its kind" integration for Windows Phone 7 users through the Xbox LIVE hub.

Any achievements or rewards that you earn in Project Sunburst on your handset will be converted into action on the console version and vice-versa. This includes bonuses such as call in support, rocket-equipped Agency helicopters, extra Peacekeepers and exclusive power-ups.

Deluge Pack for Crackdown 2 will be available on 16 November in both trial and premium versions. The trial version includes the complete 16-player Capture the Orb mode as well as a single player, sample version of the “Deluge” co-operative mode.

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