Kudo Tsunoda, the man charged with making the Microsoft Kinect accessory a success is so confident that it will be a success that he has told reporters at the Tokyo Games Show in Japan that it will "blow away any sales you've seen with the iPad."

“The pre-orders have been really strong,” official Kinect spokesperson Kudo Tsunoda told Gamasutra. “As far as what we're looking at for holiday, this is going to be stuff that'll blow away any of the sales you've seen with iPad.

So how many is that exactly?

More than 2 million in the first 60 days and more that 3.27 million in the first 3 months according to Apple's official figures.

Pushed on by the current success of the new Xbox 360 S, Tsunoda believes the figure is possible, telling Gamasutra that it expects to sell over 3 million over the "holiday" period.

Microsoft is hoping that it's new motionless controller that lets you become the controller will be a big hit with families this Christmas.

Tsunoda promised big things for the new accessory that is expected to increase the lifespan of the console another 5 years at least.

It will launch in the UK in November with around 15 games and the promise of plenty more games and other "entertainment" offerings to come in the coming months.

Do you think Microsoft will be able to pull it off?