The Halo: Reach premiere takes place in London this evening (9 September) with a head-to-head battle between a team of celebrities and some of the best Halo players in the country.

And, according to The Gadget Show's main-man, Jason Bradbury - who will line-up in the celeb team - there is only going to be one winner. And he's pretty adamant that it won't be his troop.

"I can only be honest," he told Pocket-lint. "We're gonna get our arses handed to us on a plate. We're not just gonna lose. The celebrity team is gonna lose so catastrophically and obviously that it will make people laugh out loud. That's actually the truth."

Bradbury also expressed concern that his own gaming reputation is in danger, even if he did admit that his prominence was mainly based on self promotion, describing himself as the Alastair Campbell of the gaming world.

"I'm identified as one of Britain's most famous high-profile gamers, so I have to represent," he said.

"I can't just be rubbish. It doesn't matter what the other celebs are like because they're not connected with it in the way that I am, so I've got to do well."

Bradbury admitted that the celebs team only chance of success was riding on the shoulders of Lewis Chapman, the chap who won the Halo Looking for a Leader contest, who captains the celeb team and is regarded as the UK's no.1 Halo player.

Bradbury claimed that Chapman might be able to carry the team, Rambo-stylee, and that we should expect the unexpected.

"Here's the thing," he said. "There could be one of those moments that you get in any tournament where the underdog – the vastly overpaid, glamorous underdog – just comes together in one moment, with Lewis at the helm, and pulls of something just that little bit interesting.

"It might happen. There could be a Jamaican bob-sleigh moment in it."

The event takes place in central London and Pocket-lint will be on hand to witness first hand how the celebrity team, which includes Ben Cohen, Mr Hudson and Jameela Jamil, as well as Bradbury and Chapman gets on.

We have to admit that we're with The Gadget Show presenter on this one. It can only end badly for the celebs.

Rio and the gang are gonna get merked.