We at Pocket-lint are a noble, honest and dedicated bunch of chaps and, as such, when we play Street Fighter - we play as Ryu. He is the only character we can relate to you see. (We too have a tortured past that explains for our assassin-style martial arts).

But sometimes (and only on special occasions) we'll take on the guise of Chun-Li. There's just something so satisfying about landing rapid kicks with those sharp heels.

And so, Mad Catz's Chun-Li inspired, limited-edition, Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition Xbox controller has more than caught our attention.

The blurb states:

"Limited to a product run of just 4000 units world-wide, this stunning new FightStick features highly detailed and exclusive artwork provided by Capcom". 

"Designed to celebrate the ‘first lady’ of Street Fighter: Chun-Li, the new FightStick is the first to feature an all new 3D lenticular design and exclusive new chassis colour scheme".

The controller comes in some special edition packaging as well, and features two rows of buttons which, as all true Street Fighter players will know, is the classic setup, although there are eight buttons now rather than six - the times, they are a changing.

If you manage to get over to PAX in Seattle this weekend, Mad Catz will be selling the controllers from its stand.

We'll bring you UK availability as soon as we hear word of it.

Who is your Street Fighter character of choice? Don't say E-Honda or Blanka - that's just cheating.