Microsoft has announced that the price of an Xbox Live Gold subscription will increase in both the UK and the US in November.

Over here in Blighty the price for a month-to-month renewal subscription will go up a pound to £5.99, although if you're willing to fork out for a full year’s online membership then you'll still have to pay the same price of £39.99.

Across the pond, the monthly membership fee will be increased from $7.99 to $9.99, and the yearly fee will be raised $10 to $59.99, which is £38.93 as the exchange rate currently stands - so, even despite the rise in price, our US cousins are still getting a slightly better yearly deal. 

Microsoft has never put the price of Xbox Live up before, so some reports suggest that the increase is “to cover inflation, maintenance costs and so forth”.

PlayStation users will be quick to point out, however, that they don't have to pay diddly-squat to access the online features of the Sony console.

Is the price increase fair? Or should it all be free like Sony's online offerings?