Halo enthusiasts will no doubt be wetting the bed with excitement (only metaphorically we hope) at the thought of Halo: Reach arriving within a month.

But if there is a niggling disappointment about Bungie's latest instalment it's that you can't play as the Master Chief.

That is because the events of Reach are set in the years before old Chiefy becomes the top dog and, as such, you'll be playing the role of Noble 6 whose team is involved in combat with that pesky alien alliance the Covenant.

But Pocket-lint has discovered that, in a way, you can actually become the Master Chief in the forthcoming blockbuster.

The revelation came during a meeting with Bungie's community lead manager Brian Jarrard at Gamescom in Germany.

During a demo of some new Reach action, Jarrard explained to Pocket-lint the credit based reward system in the game. And, crucially, he showed us the unlockable items that are on offer, including the ability to change to the Master Chief's voice, and gear up in his armoury. You'll need a heck of a lot of credits mind.

So if you look like the Master Chief, and you sound like the Master Chief, well, in our eyes that makes you a pretty good Master Chief.

Halo enthusiasts will probably disagree, but it's good enough for us.

And even if you don't agree, we're pretty sure that you'll be blown away by the new title - we've had our hands on various versions of Halo: Reach during its development process and it's blown us away every time.

Halo: Reach hits the shops on 14 September.