The Kinect and Windows Phone 7 hook up rumours just got a little bit more real over in Cologne at Gamescom, where one of the fathers of Kinect, Kudo Tsunoda, strongly hinted to Pocket-lint that some form of compatibility is on the horizon.

Speaking at the official European launch of the motion sensor camera system, the Kinect creative director suggested that the tech used for the latest Xbox 360 accessory could find its way into other devices. He said:

"It's all stuff that you could integrate into a multitude of devices, whether it's phones or it's PC's, or anything that requires some sort of input".

As to why the tech would be beneficial in a mobile device Tsunoda stated: "I just think it's so much easier naturally using your voice or using gestures".

When asked directly if we'd be seeing a Windows Phone 7 and Kinect love-in anytime soon Tsunoda joked:

"It's all stuff that you could work into phones as well if you wanted to...if like you worked at a company that did stuff with phones and PCs then maybe something like that would be possible".

Hmmm, a company like Microsoft perhaps? That's as close to a definite yes as you're likely to get.

After trying out Kinect's non-gaming features like Xbox 360 dashboard control at both E3 and now Gamescom, Pocket-lint can see the potential for a gesture of voice control feature on a mobile device. We mean, no-one likes a smudge-ridden homescreen.

As to how the setup would work, maybe only Tsunoda knows that.

Kinect on a phone? What do you guys think? Give us a shout below.