(Pocket-lint) - How excited are you about Fable III?

Enough to buy a gold Xbox 360 controller that's been crafted to resemble the Crown of Albion?

Enough to read a novel based on Fable titled The Balverine Order?

Or maybe just excited enough to get all gooey with joy over new screen shots of the game due out in October.

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The Fable III Limited Edition Wireless Controller starts shipping to stores on 5 October, giving fans plenty of time to pick it up before the game arrives on 26 October as long as you have $59.99 to spare.

You'll also get an exclusive in-game downloadable tattoo, to give your character that distinctive "I bought the tie-in controller" look, says gaming site Kotaku, who've broken the news.

As for the book, it will be penned by Peter David, who wrote the five-part Halo: Helljumper series. 

According to Amazon, The Balverine Order is set to ship on 5 October, and like the controller it'll come with in-game weapon to show you're capable of reading.

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed the “Fable III” Limited Edition Wireless Controller begins shipping to retailers on 5 October and will be available for £39.99 just in time for the 29 October launch of “Fable III,” while supplies last.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.