Halo: Reach, one of the most anticipated games of 2010, goes live on 14 September and to celebrate its impending arrival Microsoft has launched a competition where you could win the chance to captain a team of celebrities in a Halo: Reach battle. 

If you don't actually win the Looking for a Leader contest, you could still win a place in the six-strong team that takes on the Elite Spartan Squad in a battle that will take place at the Halo: Reach launch party.

The squad is made up of England football captain Rio Ferdinand (providing he doesn't get injured on the eve of the tournament, or forgets to be where he is supposed to be for the mandatory drug-testing), the Gadget Show's uber-geek, and passionate gamer, Jason Bradbury, England Rugby world-champion Ben Cohen and T4 presenter Jameela Jamil.

There is one more celeb yet to be confirmed - we'd quite like to see Bruce Forsyth given a shot.

The competition was announced at an event at the Churchill War Rooms in London, and Ferdinand and Bradbury were there to talk up the Elite Spartan Squad's chances of victory. Or maybe that should be talk them down.

Ferdinand said: "When we're changing nappies and putting our kids to sleep they're gaming. They're ahead of us. They've got more hours in the game. 

"We're playing catch-up all the time. But the talent we possess, we're not far behind".

Sounds like the sort a rally-cry Ferdinand was throwing out before the World Cup - and look how well that went.

The tournament kicks off on 4 August, you'll need to sign up over at a dedicated Looking for a Leader site. The basis of the contest will be a series of on-line Halo 3 tournaments.

If you're a serious Halo fan then get yourself involved. And do let us know how you get on. It would be cool if a Pocket-lint reader made the grade.

Also, check out the latest Halo: Reach trailer below. The gaming launch of 2010? Let us know what you think.