Pre-orders are opening up all over the place for Microsoft's forthcoming Kinect controller, but few can beat the price Game is listing it for.

UK retailer, has the Kinect with Kinect Adventures listed for £10. Yep, ten solitary pounds. For the Kinect and a game. Bargain of the century!

Obviously, it's either a mistake, or it's a deposit just to guarantee that you'll get the device on day one, but it made us laugh. And if it's the latter, there's no mention of it anywhere.

By the time you follow our link, we reckon it will have been corrected, which is a shame. It'll be interesting what the company will do if you do manage to bag one for a tenner though.

Let us know how you get on.

UPDATE: Yep, GAME has changed it now to reflect the real price, £129. Fun while it lasted though. We wonder how many managed to pre-order one before it was corrected...