With the Kinect coming on 14 November, it makes sense that there would be some form of dashboard update, if only to accommodate the new accessory. However, it seems that Microsoft has plans to tweak the current system, graphically and technically, if some leaked screengrabs turn out to be real.

French gaming site Logic-sunrise claims to have gotten its hands on some early dashboard update screen shots, which it believes are the real deal.

They're clearly early, because all mention of Kinect is under its original project name Natal. And to add credence to its legitimacy, Microsoft has ordered the site to remove them from publication with a legal letter.

The only part of this that, for us, spoils the leak somewhat is that we don't think they look as good as the dashboard screens we already know and love. Why would Microsoft go back to a plain, angular version of the GUI?

It's all a bit PS3 XrossMediaBar, if you know what we mean.

What do you think? Do you reckon that they're genuine? Let us know in the comments below...