Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hyrb has announced that Microsoft will launch a new "visual browser app" that will enhance the Xbox Live Arcade - called Destination Arcade.

Going live in the US on 14 July, the app will make it easier to browse the 250+ classic retro titles within XBLA, and it will also keep you updated as to what's going on in terms of new releases and additions to the line-up.

You'll also be able to sort titles by their price, release dates and popularity, and have a look at what other Xboxers are saying about the game.

When we spoke with Microsoft's head of consumer marketing for Windows Phone 7, Oded Ran, recently, he told us that all games currently in XBLA will be portable to Windows Phone 7 handsets.

It seems as if Destination Arcade may well be the method employed to browse titles on your mobile handset then - it would make sense for Microsoft to employ a common platform.

There's no date for when Destination Arcade will be hitting UK Xbox Dashboards but as soon as we know, you'll know.

Are you an XBLA addict? What is the top title on offer? Surely it's SWOS or Golden Axe? Let us know what you think below.