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(Pocket-lint) - Windows Phone 7 users will be in for a treat when it comes to gaming on the go, Microsoft has detailed to Pocket-lint.

In a round table briefing in London, Oded Ran, head of Consumer Marketing for Windows Phone, told Pocket-lint that all games currently available on the Xbox Live Arcade service on the Xbox 360 will be able to be ported to the new phone operating system by adding just a couple of lines of code.

"Just four lines of code changed an Xbox Live Arcade game to a Windows Phone 7 game in a recent publisher test", Ran told us.

Although Ran was cagey about telling us the publisher in question, he did confirm that Microsoft was actively talking to all Arcade Live publishers to help bring them to the new phone OS in time for launch later this year.

That's over 300 games possibly available for launch from day 1, including titles like Duke Nukem 3D, Sensible World of Soccer, Doom, Golden Axe, Sonic the Hedgehog, and many more.

Microsoft has already confirmed that developers will be able to use the same XNA coding language to port between the Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7 and PC titles, however it hasn't to our knowledge confirmed that it will be so easy until now.

The move is likely to mean that come launch day gamers will have a massive selection of AAA titles available to play. It also brings the phone the closest thing yet to a handheld Xbox console.

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UPDATE: Microsoft has got in touch to clarify that it will be just games using the XNA framework.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 30 June 2010.