has let the cat out the bag with respect to the detailed spec of Microsoft's Kinect system - and it isn't good news for anyone who was hoping for big multiplayer action.

Although up to six people can be connected to Kinect, it can only facilitate motion sensing for two at a time.

This means games will most likely involve plenty of sitting down and swapping about if you've got a group of friends around to play. Although that might be a blessing in disguise - chances are you'll be cream-crackered after jumping about like a madman for a few minutes.

The specs also reveal that the two onboard cameras have different resolutions. One is 320 x 240, with 16-bit depth and one is 640 x 480, with 32-bit colour. Both are 30fps.

Kinect has a depth sensor range of between 1.2m and 3.5m which should be adequate for most living rooms. It has a 57 degrees horizontal field of view and a 43 degrees vertical one, with a physical tilt range of plus or minus 27 degrees.

Kinect comes out in November. Read our in-depth guide to Kinect here, which tells you everything that you need to know.