Microsoft has announced its new Xbox LIVE Gold family subscription, hoping to draw in customers after Sony announced plans for its PlayStation Plus service.

It seems that if Microsoft has anything to do with it, gone will be the days where gaming is the preserve of the loan individual bashing buttons in a darkened room with only a few salt-laden snacks for company, as this announcement is clearly aimed at "Family Fun".

From November the Xbox LIVE Family Pack will offer no less than four subscriptions for £69.99, a move which is clearly hoping to appeal to those thinking of investing in the new Kinect system, launched at the recent E3 event.

It looks as though the Family Pack will work by giving control to the primary account member - most likely a parent - whereby Microsoft points will be dished to members of the family accordingly.

This move punctuates the growing divide between the consoles, where the PS3 looks to hardcore gamers and Microsoft hopes to take up any slack from the previously Wii-dominated family market.

Is this a good move for Microsoft? Will it start forgetting its core hardcore gamers, leaving Sony to reap the benefits? Or is it just a smart decision which will add another string to the growing Microsoft bow? Let us know in the comments below.