Microsoft has confirmed that it will be launching its new Kinect for Xbox 360 motion tracking accessory for the Xbox 360 in November.

The details come as the company prepares to give more details of the device, previously called Project Natal, at its second E3 event in Los Angeles.

Microsoft officially launched Kinect at a star studded event in LA with Hollywood names, press and key customers in toe, demoing a series of games and features.

The 2000 odd guests were treated to a Cirque du Soleil "imagined" event, although it lacked the usual acrobatics of those seen in Las Vegas and around the world.

Although Microsoft has yet to set a precise date or price for the new accessory it is expected to cost around £100 or $150 in the US.

Pocket-lint will be at the E3 Media Briefing, which starts in the UK around 6:30pm. We will bring you all the details of Kinect, and if rumours are true the launch of an Xbox 360 "Slim" thereafter.

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed the US launch date will be 4 November with the UK shortly after