Just hours before the Microsoft Project Natal party at the start of E3 and less than a day away from the Microsoft E3 media briefing, an advert has leaked confirming the official name Microsoft plans to give to its Project Natal controller.

According to the advert that appeared on an Italian gaming site and then pulled, Microsoft Kinect will be the new name for Project Natal when it launches on Sunday.

While the naysayers will be doubting a rogue advert playing out ahead of the official launch, US newspaper USA today has kindly broken ranks and published a story about the event early, confirming the name and a handful of games we can expect. 

The advert, which also features information about a new slim version of the Xbox 360 appeared on Italian gaming site console-tribe.com, and has since been pulled.

In the advert a slogan dashes across the screen saying "Compatible with Kinect" - in Italian of course. The rumour fits with confirmation earlier this year that Microsoft has trademarked the Kinect name.

USA today has just gone live with a story calling Project Natal, Microsoft Kinect and goes on to detail games that will be available for launch:

The newspaper says games in the works are:

•Kinectimals lets you train and play with 20 different virtual cats, including a lion, cheetah and tiger.

•Joyride, a racing game, lets players use their hands to hold an imaginary steering wheel — pull your hands toward you and push back out for an acceleration boost — and their bodies to execute jumps and tricks.

•Kinect Sports has six activities including boxing, bowling, beach volleyball, track and field, soccer and table tennis. To serve a volleyball, you mimic the real motion; in soccer, you can kick the ball or do a header.

•Kinect Adventures includes a river-raft time trial and obstacle course, playable by up to four players. On the raft, playing as a duo, you and a partner must lean one way or another to steer. Jumping helps the raft reach special areas for extra points.

•Dance Central, in development by MTV Games, brings a So You Think You Can Dance experience home.

•Star Wars characters and iconic Disney favorites will be featured in separate new games being developed at Microsoft in conjunction with LucasArts and Disney.

Stay tuned for more coverage as it happens from Pocket-lint who is attending the world premiere launch event on Sunday in Los Angeles.

UPDATE: Microsoft has officially launched Project Natal as Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360.