Microsoft has sent out an email to Xbox Live subscribers telling them that the company has an even bigger announcement for this year's show, above and beyond showcasing its motion gaming controller device for the Xbox 360 - Project Natal.

"With the massive Project Natal announcement at last year's event, you'd think we'd find it hard to top that. Well, think again. This year at E3 we've got even BIGGER announcements to share with you".

Microsoft is holding two events at the world's largest gaming conference as well as a series of further, more intimate, briefings (we know for example that the Windows 7 team is in town).

Sunday night is the world exclusive launch party for Project Natal, while Monday morning (6:30pm GMT) sees a second media briefing. Pocket-lint will be live at both events.

We are also live in LA for E3 all week, and will bring you all the news as it happens, or hopefully our inside sources feel the urge to leak out some information to us.

What could "BIGGER" possibly be? A new Xbox 360 Slim? Merely more games for Project Natal, or perhaps a handheld games console? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks Terry.