After heavy multiplayer beta testing, in which over 2.7 million gamers took part, it has been announced that Halo: Reach will hit stores worldwide on 14 September.

It's the last in the series, started 10 years ago with Halo: Combat Evolved on the original Xbox, but is actually a prequel.

The story focuses on Noble Team, a squad of Spartan soldiers who must defend planet Reach to the death in order to stop the Covenant making its way to Earth. Cue a fevered and frenetic, action-packed single-player or co-op storyline that will leave its mark on the franchise long after the last headshot has faded.

Of course, the multiplayer element is set to run and run, even if the series and Bungie's involvement with Microsoft is now coming to an end, so we doubt that we've heard the last of Halo per se. But, it'll be interesting to see if there will ever be an FPS franchise that causes such a global phenomenon again.

Just what is Bungie working on for Activision, eh?