As promised Microsoft has released a mandatory update to its Xbox 360 console and with it added support for USB storage devices.

"The most recent update to Xbox LIVE enables support for USB flash drives to expand the memory of your Xbox 360 console. Now you can experience all that Xbox LIVE has to offer, from HD movies to downloadable game content. Take your game saves, Xbox LIVE gamer profiles, or Arcade game downloads with you. Buy a pre-configured Xbox 360 branded SanDisk USB flash drive to ensure the most seamless experience and optimal performance", says Microsoft.

SanDisk quick to jump on the new feature will be selling a pre-configured Xbox 360 8GB USB flash drive that comes with a 1-month LIVE Gold membership in the US and the UK from May.

Having paid your cash all that you've got to do is plug it in to experience all that Xbox LIVE has to offer and take your game saves and Gamertag with you wherever you go.

It's also worth noting that you won't be able to use any old USB drive kicking around. Microsoft says you'll only be able to use drives over 1GB in size to a maximum of 16GB and that the drive has to be up to scratch - ie fast and well behaved. So no buying a 750GB hard drive in anticipation.

Update from today, spend your cash from next month.