A website called GameCrush has launched, which offers users the ability to play video games with hot girls. It lets you look through a series of girl's profiles and then ask them to play either Xbox 360 or a range of Flash games with you.

If they accept, you get 10 minutes of Xbox Live or multiplayer flash gaming with the lovely lady, which the site refers to as a "PlayDate". Video is permitted, if you like. Girls can block any particularly troublesome users, all of whom will be paying for the privilege of contacting the ladies - $8.25 for 500 credits. A single date costs 400 credits, with the option to leave a 100 credit tip at the end.

Girls who want to participate can sign up, and don't get any training on how to act or things they should say. They get 60% of the money they bring in, and more than 1200 have already joined the site. The highest-rated girls get preferential placement on the site, and will be asked to write editorial for the site in exchange for more cash.

Games currently supported include Modern Warfare 2, Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Halo 3 on the 360, as well as checkers, pool and battleships on the Flash side of things. GameCrush says it hopes to expand this lineup in the near future.

Guys: would you pay for the ability to play video games with girls? Ladies: is this something you'd sign up for? Tell us what you think about GameCrush's offering in the comments.