Xbox Live's Major Nelson has announced that a patch for the Xbox 360 is being rolled out across the world that'll give accounts marked as under-18 access to the Facebook, Twitter and functionality that was recently rolled out.

By default, the features are unable to be accessed by child accounts due to the inability of the team to implement parental controls functionality before it was launched. Just before launch, the team promised that'd be fixed soon, and fixed it now is, in every Xbox Live country except the USA.

Now, it's possible to grant or deny your kids access to the services, should you so desire, but you'll want to set "Automatically log in" or "Remember me" when you set up the app so that you don't have to get parental permission every single time you launch it.

In the States, the update will be rolled out on 15 December, instead. The reason for the delay in the US isn't clear.