We haven't heard much OnLive news since it was announced back in March, but the company has just revealed, via its blog, that things are looking good for the future of the games service thanks to some new funding.

OnLive has received a "major" boost to its bank balance with investment from companies including AT&T Media Holdings, Lauder Partners, Warner Bros, Autodesk and Maverick Capital.

OnLive is described as "a revolutionary, on demand video game platform delivering the latest and most advanced games instantly, on any TV via a sleek, inexpensive MicroConsole, or on almost any PC or Mac".

The blog states: "We are both pleased and inspired that our investors share this vision with OnLive. Not only do they see the value in OnLive in particular, but they also understand the significance of what OnLive is doing to lead a massive sea change in interactive media distribution".

Only time will tell whether the service can deliver on its promise of no high-end hardware, no upgrades, no endless downloads, no discs, no recalls and no obsolescence.

Pocket-lint will keep you posted.