Warner Bros. has teamed up with the US government to deliver a free multiplayer PC game to Kenya in an attempt to change the HIV risk perception, attitude and behaviour of its inhabitants.

Developed by Virtual Heroes, the game is called "Pamoja Mtaani", which means "Together in the Hood". It sees five strangers working their way through East African environments, with gamers having to recover items they had lost or stolen as they do, and help an injured woman on her way.

During the journey, they will experience "barriers and facilitators" to AIDS behaviour change in the form of of missions and mini-games that they will have to complete.

Youth centres in Nairobi will see the launch of the five-person multiplayer game, which will be playable over LAN.

Kenyan hip hop artists have put their music forward for use with the game, and the hope is that the marketing behind it will be as good as that you see for the big players over here.