(Pocket-lint) - Batman feels like a bit of an exception to the rule of great characters from comics and movies, in that he's actually had a consistent run of excellent games going back over the last decade or so.

When Rocksteady dropped Arkham Asylum in 2009 it had an absolute hit on its hands, with crunching combo-based combat and fun exploratory navigation making for a heady gameplay blend. It won fans over massively, and was followed by two more excellent outings, Arkham City and Arkham Knight, each of which widened the series' scope. 

Now, rumours are swirling that Batman's in for another major videogame - one coming this time from Warner Bros. Montreal, while Rocksteady apparently crafts its own Suicide Squad game. We've rounded up all the details and rumours right here for your convenience - keep checking back, as we'll update this story whenever more news arrives. 

Batman: Gotham Knights release date

Before we get onto that release date, let's talk about the elephant in the room - the game's title. For now, the strong indications from variou industry sources are that the next Batman game will carry the subtitle Gotham Knights. 

This is a title that's been tightly guarded, but recent trademark applications by Warner have hinted at its significance, and it's an interesting name that certainly seems like a continuation of the pattern set by previous entries. 

The Gotham Knights is a group straight out of the comics that inspire the games, a crimefighting alliance encompassing Batman, Robin, Oracle and Nightwing, suggesting that Batman's going to have more help than ever. 

WB Games Montreal has been teasing the game for sometime with logo reveals and GIFs, but there still hasn't been a real announcement, let alone a release date attached. We'd therefore assume we won't be seeing the game on shelves until 2021, but we're prepared to be surprised on that front. 

The next big update should come on August 22nd - DC is holding a virtual event it's calling the Fandome, where we're expecting Gotham Knights to debut, alongside Rocksteady's Suicide Squad game. 

Batman: Gotham Knights setting and gameplay

As we said, Gotham Knights' title is the biggest clue as to the direction WB Games Montreal is taking things in. If the plotline looks like it'll involve multiple of Batman's core allies, the big question in our minds would be whether we'll be able to play multiple of them.

Rocksteady experimented with this in add-ons and pre-order bonusses, including letting you play a few chapters as Batwoman in previous titles, but we've always been primarily playing the caped crusader himself.

The Arkham Games also continually expanded the scope of their content in terms of movement and vehicles - by the end of Arkham Knight you could practically fly with a fully upgraded cape, alongside the big focus placed on the tank-like Batmobile.

We'll be waiting to see whether we still get to hop in the famous car-tank, and indeed whether another vehicle, like the Batwing, might enter the roster.

Effectively, there's an awful lot up in the air, including whether the game will return to just certain sections of Gotham in terms of its setting, or whether even that could be renewed. 

Batman: Gotham Knights platforms

Given the timing, and the fact that it hasn't yet even been unveiled, we're fully expecting Batman: Gotham Knights to debut on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, taking advantage of next-gen's beefed-up graphics and faster loading times.

However, since it's clearly been in development for quite some time, we're curious as to whether it'll also arrive for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, to broaden its potentialy userbase to the maximum. Of course, this might also be informed by when it does launch - if it's not till late 2021, the older platforms might be less necessary.

Regardless, we'd also expect the game to come to PC, rounding out the expected set of platforms, when it does launch. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.